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At Tararua Heliwork safety is always our number one priority.  Regardless of the job that is being undertaken the safety of our passengers, our crew and those we are working with is always front of mind.

To help maintain our outstanding safety record we are regularly audited by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.  Our pilots hold a Commercial Pilots License and we have an in-house Safety Officer overseeing all operations. 

As part of our safety procedures passengers are given a full safety briefing before take off.  During flights our pilots keep our passengers regularly informed of what is happening and should weather conditions require a change of route or landing spot those on board will be fully informed. 

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Safety Policy Statement

To continually improve the safety and efficiency of operations and its service to clients. All Tararua Heliwork staff have procedures to identify any safety issues and are encouraged to raise the matter within the company immediately.

The perception that a “Can-do attitude is what is most important - no matter the risk” does not promote a safe environment.

Tararua Heliwork personnel are expected to:

Take all practical steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

Have zero tolerance of unsafe practices.

Not knowingly expose themselves or others to risk.

Mutually support and respect those within the company.

Implement a Just Culture: Where no action will be taken against any employee who discloses a safety concern unless such disclosure identifies gross negligence or a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures.

Acknowledge that the system is subject to continued assessment and constantly open to changes, improvements and development.

The greatest assurance of safety in all aspects of the company, comes from each team member’s commitment to safety and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

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Our Safety Management System

Tararua Heliwork is committed to providing safe, healthy, secure work conditions and attitudes with the objective of having an accident-free workplace.

Ensuring that all management, employees and contractors understand, accept and are trained to implement their accountabilities for health and safety responsibilities.

THLtd will be strengthened by making safety excellence an integral part of all activities, and to provide the necessary resources to support this commitment.

Both the Safety Manager and the CEO work together and are responsible for co-ordinating the safety system. Together they support the workers in developing processes and procedures (SOPs) so they can perform Tararua Heliwork practices in a safe and healthy manner.

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