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Spraying your crops or pasture can be a huge undertaking and cost both time and money. 
The team at Tararua Heliwork have been helping farmers and growers for over ten years to maximise their efficency by conducting aerial spraying.

Aerial spraying by our experienced pilots enables chemicals to reach the areas it is intended for ensuring minimal waste of product and minimal off-target drift.  The use of specialised equipment and several different spraying techniques prevents overspray protecting nearby environments.

Our team has an excellent understanding of, and experience with, agrichemical application. 
Local knowledge plays a strong part in ensuring we make the most of the right weather conditions to get your job done effectively.  Using the latest GPS tracking technology, Tracmap, we are able to ensure accurate distribution and proof of placement for our clients. 

Our Benefits

How we can save you time and money

  • Specialist spray equipment minimising off-target drift

  • Only top quality chemicals used

  • Able to mobilise quickly with no airstrip required

  • Extensive weed / noxious plant knowledge
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